We Love Our Youth Worker Booklet

This booklet will explain everything you need to know about accrediting your church with the Covenant. It outlines each step a church needs to take and includes an application form if you’d prefer to fill one in on paper.

Click here to download the PDF booklet or click here to request a printed booklet via mail.

PLEASE NOTE: The above materials CAN be electronically distributed, posted online in blogs or on websites and can be printed as many times as needed to be handed out to church leaders, pastors, youth workers, etc. If you or your organization would like to have copies of our booklet professionally printed to hand out at a conference, large group gathering or other meetings, please right-click this link and select save as to download the print file of the booklet.

PowerPoint Presentation

To help with presenting the idea of the Covenant to your church, we have developed a Powerpoint presentation that you can use.

Youth Ministry Architects Resources

Our friends over at Youth Ministry Architects, Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin, have written a couple of books and developed a CD-ROM resource that we couldn’t recommend enough if you are looking to hire a Youth Worker anytime soon.

Before You Hire a Youth Pastor by Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin ($7.99)

Before You Hire a Youth Pastor CD-ROM Pack ($19.00)

This CD-ROM is stuffed with sample job descriptions, a survey for examining your current staff structure, sample interview questions, reference calling guide, documents, forms, letters, checklists, and spreadsheets that will help you conduct an effective, fruitful search for your congregation’s next youth worker.

Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries ($16.00)

Job Listings

Need help finding a Youth Worker once you are accredited? One way is to check with your denominational listings. Another way is to check out these websites below who are leaders in job listings for Youth Ministry positions throughout the country and across denominations.

Coaches and Consultants

With so many issues surrounding youth and children’s work today, it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in a maze with no-one on hand to guide you. That’s where some great coaching can come in handy.

Many denominations have resources to help in this area and we challenge you to check there first. 

Beyond that, these groups who partner with We Love Our Youth Worker are some of the best at Youth Ministry Coaching in the country.

The Youth Cartel
REACH Youth New England
Jesus Focused Youth Ministry
Blue Sky/Green Sky
PRYME: Pastoral Resources for Youth Ministry Encouragement
The Center for Youth Ministry Training
Ministry By Design/SIMA International
Youth Ministry Architects

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