The Covenant

The National Covenant for church youth workers is a set of seven promises churches and Christian organizations make about the practices and principles they will use when employing a youth worker.

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  • We will pray and spiritually support
  • We believe that our youth worker needs spiritual support in his or her work with young people.

    We promise to pray for our youth worker and make sure his or her spiritual life is getting the support it needs.

  • We will give space for retreat and reflection

    We believe that taking time to think and pray is just as essential for our youth worker as organizing events and meeting young people.

    We promise to encourage our youth worker to use part of his or her schedule to give space for retreat, reflection and personal development.

  • We will provide ongoing training and development

    We believe that learning the skills of youth work is an ongoing process and that it’s important to continually invest in professional development.

    We promise to set aside time and money to provide training and development for our youth worker.

  • We will give at least one full day of rest per week

    We believe that taking regular time off helps maintain our youth worker’s passion and energy for his or her work with young people.

    We promise to require our youth worker to take at least one day away from his or her role each week and at least two weeks per year to do something different.

  • We will share responsibility

    We believe that having a youth worker does not release the rest of the church from our responsibilities towards young people.

    We promise to encourage everyone to play a part in volunteering, praying for or supporting young people.

  • We will strive to be an excellent employer

    We believe that it’s important to have clear structures and procedures for recruiting and employing a youth worker, and to provide supportive management structures.

    We promise to follow good practice guidelines in the way we employ our youth worker.

  • We will celebrate and appreciate

    We believe it’s vital to acknowledge what our youth worker is doing and the commitment they have made to work with young people in our church.

    We promise to make sure our youth worker knows they are appreciated and we will celebrate his or her achievements.

As a Covenant is an agreement between two parties, there is a response we challenge youth workers to have towards their churches as they seek to reach more youth and their families with the Gospel.

  • We will pray for our church, its leaders and members and our community

    We promise to lean on God for the work we have been charged to do and that we will lift up those sharing in that responsibility.

  • We will make our own spiritual growth a priority

    We promise to spend time reading God’s Word, take time for retreat and reflection and find ways to keep our faith fresh and growing.

  • We will commit to continued learning and growth

    We promise to have a teachable spirit and seek out ways to grow professionally.

  • We will take at least one day off each week and vacation time

    We promise to take time for rest and Sabbath as we invest in a family, spiritual and social life outside of the youth ministry.

  • We will ask for help and share the youth ministry with others

    We promise to communicate what is happening, what we are doing and where others can get involved in the life of students

  • We will strive to be excellent employees

    We promise to manage our time effectively, work hard and operate within the context of the leaders overseeing our ministry.

  • We will celebrate our church’s investment in youth ministry

    We promise to make sure our young people, volunteers and church leaders know how much they are appreciated.

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